Justin Torrellas

DOB: 5/5/82

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 167 lbs.

Hometown: Clinton, CT

Resides: Harwich, MA


-World Record in the Combined (Run/Shoot) event at World Cup #1 in 2013 (11:13.95)

-#1 Ranked in USA, first quarter of 2013

-Bronze at the 2012 USA National Championships

I grew up in Southern Connecticut with a passion for bicycle racing and a talent for classical music. I dreamed of riding the biggest events in Europe, but despite my relentless training, winning 2 state championships, and eschewing college for a couple years I was never able to progress enough and followed my bassoon to the Indiana University School of Music. Little did I know how fortuitous this would be as I not only studied with some of the finest musicians in the world, but also took my first fencing class. After a particularly successful week in which I landed on the podium at both a fencing tournament and running race, teammates encouraged me to give the modern pentathlon a try. It was six years before I took my first steps in the sport, but once I finally did I was hooked. Though I had always been a "jack of all trades" type, never before had I competed in anything so radically diverse. I have taken this challenge head on, and I am now all-in training for the 2016 Olympics.


I am currently coached in Riding at True North Farm by Kay Slater, Fencing by Carlos Bruno of The Boston Fencing Club, and self-coached in all other disciplines. I am advised by USA Pentathlon High Performance Director, Genadijus Sokalovis.

Past coaches and advisors have included Janusz Peciak (Fencing, Shooting), Tracy Powers (Riding), Jimmy Moody (Fencing), Jeremy Gough (Strength & Conditioning), John Abrami (Swimming), and Jeremy Nation (Fencing).